Diet and Diabetes

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Can A Good Diet Keep Diabetes Under Control?

Doctors will tell you that part of managing diabetes is making sure that your diet is low in carbohydrates and sugars.  This means limiting or eliminating foods such as bread, bagels, cereals, cakes, cookies and candies.

The reason a proper diet is important to people with diabetes is that their bodies have a hard time processing starches and sugars. What happens instead is that their bodies increase the amount of glucose in the blood system. Too much glucose in the body can cause all sorts of problems with organs such as the kidneys and heart as well as eyesight and blood circulation.

If the diabetes becomes a problem, doctors will often prescribe the patient to take some form of medication or even insulin in order the manage the condition. These can help to process sugar in the blood.

However, instead of taking medications, it should be noted that eating a healthy diet can help to either eliminate the medication or reduce it. Get familiar with the best foods to eat for managing diabetes, and you will be able to manage your diabetes better.

Diabetes Diet

Using the Glycemic Index will help you to figure out which foods to have in your diet and which ones to avoid. Foods that have white flour tend to be high on the list of foods that should be avoided. They have a high Glycemic Index while foods such as brown rice are lower and can be eaten in moderation.

While it might not be possible to cure diabetes with a diet, eating food that have low ratings on the Glycemic Index will certainly help a person to manage their diabetes and have a healthier life.

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